How does the way we imagine the future change how we think and act today?

Beyond The Tipping Point (dir. Stefan Skrimshire, UK 2010, 30 mins) invites us to consider this question by exploring attitudes to climate change. The imagery of “tipping points“, drawn originally from scientific research, has increasingly influenced the way politicians, activists, and journalists imagine how greenhouse gas emissions might have irreversible and unpredictable effects on global climate.

Beyond the Tipping Point
Beyond the Tipping Point

But what effect might this way of thinking about the future have on the prospects for mitigating climate change now? Does it galvanise action, or induce despair?

Join us on 30 September at Milkwood Gallery for a screening of the film, followed by discussion of the issues it raises, and beginning with a wine reception at 7.30pm.

Please note: space is limited, so to reserve a place(s), please send an email, stating numbers, to

This event is free, but we request that attendees consider making a donation of £1-2 to assist with costs.

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