Next Tuesday (15th March), up for discussion at Cardiff Philosophy Cafe will be the relationship between freedom and the Internet.Cardiff University Big Ideas - March 2011

Introducing this topic will be Dr Frank Langbein and Dr Peter Burnap from the School of Informatics and Computer Sciences at Cardiff University.

Dr Burnap will examine issues relating to political control and the internet, including the attempts of governments (e.g. in China and North Africa) to restrict access to the internet, and particularly to services like Twitter. He will also examine some ethical and political implications of the activities of Wikileaks. Does access to the internet and the possibilities it creates for the release of information further the cause of democracy?

Social networking and open-sourcingare two other aspects of how the internet is being used which many have significant social implications. Dr Langbein will look at how open source and peer-to-peer networking are changing how we thinkg about concepts of ownership, and whether services like Facebook are helping us find new friends and change our assumptions about friendship, or just helping us “sell” our friends to advertisers.

Starts 7.30pm at the Gate, Keppoch Street, Roath. More information at

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