Ever since Cardiff Philosophy Cafe began at the Gate, back in the mists of time… well, July 2008…each session kicked off at 7.30pm.

Recently, the Gate has strengthened its commitment to community programmes at the venue, including the Cafe. For their part, Cafe participants have regularly and en masse given donations following each session to assist the Gate with its running costs for our Tuesday evenings.

Now the Gate is looking to expand its provision of concerts and other perrformances, some of which will need to take place on Tuesday evenings. To assist with this, the venue has asked whether the Cafe can begin later – ideally from their point of view at 8.00pm, running until 10.00, so that people attending concerts etc. can get something to eat in the bar before going in to the concert at around 7.30. They are aware, however, that this might not be entirely suitable from the point of view of Cafe participants.

With this in mind, we’d like to get your opinion on how we should go forward from here. Should the Cafe

  • remain 7.30-9.30 pm (this may mean a bit of a rushed change-around on those Tuesdays when there is a performance taking place)
  • move to 7.45-9.45pm?
  • or move to 8.00 – 10.00pm?

You can vote for your preferred option below. The poll will close at midnight on Tuesday 22 March 2011.

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