ghost in the machine
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The history of our understanding of the mind is replete with aesthetic images and metaphors used to represent its essential nature, from the ancient Greek pneuma to Gilbert Ryle’s description of Descartes’ concept of mind as the ‘ghost in the machine’. In this Café we will explore both how art can help us expand our range of imaginative tools for understanding the mind, and how explorations of creativity can lead to new approaches to both understanding and healing mental illness.

At The Gate on 21 June 2011, from 8.00pm, join artist and psychiatrist Rhys Jones and artist Julia Thomas as they offer some thoughts on how their work relates to these themes.

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2 thoughts on “Next Cafe: Art, the Mind and Mental Illness”

  1. Myself & Robin Williams -a patient advocate set up the
    Blog; Two Flew Over…in April after I addressed the Institute of Welsh Affairs Debate on mental Illness where I discussed the lack of empowerment given to, ‘service users’ over their own conditions and the places in which they are treated called- “On being sane in insane places.’
    isn’t it time the so called mental health professionals relinquished their control over the patient and steps were made towards a more creative approach to mental well being? Unlike England no money is spent in Wales on ‘talking therapies’. Waiting lists are endless here & the morale with the NHS is low having a culture of bullying and abuse towards patients as well as stigma ‘within ‘ the profession itself that is outrageous in 21st century.
    I hope some of these issues will be addressed at the Philosophy Cafe tonight as for one am tired of the platitudes bandied around about mental illness but NOTHING CHANGES in way in which people are being treated here in Wales. I do speak from some experience.
    “A Question of Compassion” ; Planet Mag;.April 2009 @Gillian Brightmore

  2. Thanks for the info and your comments, Gillian. Those issues are definitely relevant to tonight’s session – hope to see you there.

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