In vitro meat is a potential application of stem cells science, in which cells from living animals are used to “grow” muscle tissue, intended for consumption.

“Dressing the Meat of Tomorrow”, James King (Museum of Modern Art)

Groups such as PETA have argued that this application of biotechnology may reduce animal suffering, by rendering farming animals for meat obsolete. It could also conceivably lead to enormous reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases.

Are these good reasons to develop artificial meat? What other consequences might this have, both for human society and for our relationship with the animal world?

In this Cafe, part of the ESRC’s Festival of Social Science, Dr Neil Stephens (Cesagen, Cardiff University) will talk about his research on the social implications and significance of this emerging technology.

This Cafe is an extra event in our usual schedule, and will take place on Friday 4 November. As usual, things get going at 8.00pm, at The Gate. More info available at

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