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This month’s Cardiff Philosophy Cafe is one of our semi-regular open sessions, when the topic up for discussion will be chosen by the audience and members of the mailing list.

Suggestions can also be left in comments below.

Join us on Tuesday 17 January from 8.oopm at The Gate for some philosophizing on the fly!

Suggestions so far:

  1. What comes after capitalism?
  2. Does morality need God?
  3. What kind of knowledge does science give us?
  4. To what extent are humans “part of nature”?
  5. What is the difference between faith and reason?
  6. Has liberalism become a new “religion”, and if so, is this good or bad?
  7. Is evolutionary biologythe key to understanding the human condition?

UPDATE: This Tuesday, Glenn Davidson from Artstation will be running TXT2 at the Cafe. TXT2 is a live interactive installation, in which participants can use their mobile phones to text comments or thoughts live to be projected on screen as an accompaniment to the proceedings: a running commentary on the evening’s debates, unexpected provocations, memorable reflections? You’ll need to join us to find out -but TXT2 means you don’t need to be there to join in…

The mobile number you’ll be able to text comments to between 8 and 10pm on Tuesday night (even if you can’t be in the Cafe in person)  is 07565 202 513. We’ll look at archiving comments for inclusion later on the blog.

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4 thoughts on “Next Cafe: Open Session”

  1. Questions:

    If nature (earth+star dust+comets+solar influences+gravitation forces+elements+energy= nature’s version on earth) and evolution are one and the same thing; are humans an another expression of natures wonders?

    If human are an expression of nature then are our activities an expression of nature’s exploration?

    If humans are nature then is our collective consiousness not ours but nature it’s self?

    Are we nature since we are made from it?

    If we are not, are we something different/alien to nature on this planet?

    If we consider ourselves to be a part of nature’s evolution and expression then what do we consider to be nature?

    If humans are nature then what humans create, is what nature creates?

    Is science, technology, maths, philosophy, language, agriculture etc an expression of nature’s self discovery, nature without and with morals, a driving force of diversity and exploration inorder to evolve into many various paths?

    Nature can destroy and change, grow and be beautiful, it is logical and well balanced in the long run, it has patterns and chaos, it is in an endless cycle of progresion and reprogression are we this or are we alien to this planet?

    Is there such thing as ‘man-made’?

    Is there only nature-made via nature’s evolved monkeys?

    Are we tools of nature working to explore it’s own possiblities?

    These are questions I would love to discuss.

  2. What is the difference between faith and reason?

    Plato or the later Wittgenstein? Essential natures or family resemblances?

    Should philosophers be kept away from politics?

  3. I have a suggestion.

    Has liberalism come to resemble a new dominant religion and, if so, is that a good or bad thing?

  4. Another suggestion

    Is the human condition better explained by evolutionary biology than by religion, political theory or psychoanalysis?

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