The next Cardiff Philosophy Cafe will be on Tuesday 17 April, and entitled How to Be an Existentialist, centring on the book of the same name (Continuum 2009) by our presenter for this month,

Jean-Paul Sartre (um 1950)
Jean-Paul Sartre (1950) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gary Cox, which has now been recently published in paperback. Leading an attack on contemporary “excuse culture”, the presentation, like the book, will challenge the audience to face the hard existential truths of the human condition. It uncompromisingly counsels us to become tougher and more dignified, less grumbling and irresponsible, to stop chasing rainbows and making excuses and instead to get a grip and get real.

By revealing that we are all inescapably free and responsible – ‘condemned to be free’, as Jean-Paul Sartre says – the presentation aims to empower people with a sharp sense that we are each the master of our own destiny.

As usual, the Cafe will be in the Cafe Bar at The Gate on Keppoch Street, from 8.00pm. After a successful trial at the Cafe in January, Glenn Davidson from Artstation will be running an interactive TXT2 installation on the evening to accompany the discussion.

More information is available at

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  1. For those of us who felt frustrated by the lack of existentialism at Tuesday’s cafe, I’ve noticed that interview 19 of Philosophy Bites deals with Sartre’s existentialism (click on Philosophy Bites link). Also, Interview 107 gives a perspective on the practical importance of philosophy which we did get to discuss a little on Tuesday

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