Tuesday 15 May’s Cafe will examine the complex links between ethics and economics.

In a session entitled Should we pay our debts?, Dr Chris Groves (Cesagen, Cardiff University) will introduce this theme by looking at how far morality is about what we owe to each other.

Debt by david graeber in occupy sfsu Malcolm x...
Debt by David Graeber in occupy sfsu Malcolm x library (Photo credit: Steve Rhodes)

Moral philosophy can be defined as a systematic attempt to work out what, as human beings, our obligations are. So does this mean that morality is about what we owe – in other words, what our debts are and to whom they are owed?

In this Café, drawing on the anthropologist David Graeber’s book Debt: The First 5000 Years, Chris will look at the links between morals and debts, ethics and economics, and ask: should we always pay our debts?

As always, we will be in the Cafe Bar at The Gate from 8.00 pm.

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