Happy New Year!

This month at Cardiff Philosophy Cafe, we present the first of our year-long series of events looking at the ethical and political choices facing us here in Wales in the wake of the financial crisis. We discuss the future of sustainability, the first of our ‘keywords‘.

What does ‘sustainability’ mean, and is there still room for sustainability in a world where politicians seem concerned, above all,¬†with climbing out of a deep recession and returning to economic growth? What should be ‘sustained’? Can we trust in

English: Sustainability diagram based on the &...
Sustainability diagram based on the "hard sustainablity" view, as concentric circles with the Environment having preeminence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the capacity of future technologies to make good the shortfall in resources that we may face in the future, or does a sustainability agenda mean making sacrifices now for the sake of future generations? In a Welsh context, the Assembly Government is now consulting on a White Paper on sustainable development. Can these two concepts fit together? Can we have development or growth that is genuinely ‘sustainable’ and does not degrade the environment?

Distinguished environmental ethicist Professor Robin Attfield introduces the discussion. We’re in the Cafe Bar at The Gate from 7.30pm on Tuesday 15 January.

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