How do we deal with the often difficult emotions that arise when confronting an uncertain future? Following last Tuesday’s Cafe on ‘Emotions and Uncertainty’, in which the role of the stories we tell ourselves about who we are (and what we can do) was the topic of much discussion, the next of two linked Cafes taking place in July

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examines ways in which we can respond creatively and imaginatively to uncertainty about the future. We will explore the role of art in helping explore our sense of who  we are and might become.

On Tuesday 23rd July, we will be joined by Rhodri Thomas, Carolina Vasquez and Chris Young who will present an excerpt from their upcoming multi-media piece, Who’s Afraid? (based on a poem and artworks by Susan Richardson and Pat Gregory) as an introduction to discussion. Following this, Siriol Joyner will present a dance performance.

For this event, we shall as usual be at The Gate from 8.00pm.

To tweet about this Cafe, please use the hashtag #cpccreate. This Cafe follows on from two recent events organized at Aberystwyth Arts Centre as part of the Environmental Futures Dialogue project.

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