This month at Cardiff Philosophy Cafe, we change tack from recent events to focus on issues surrounding self-knowledge – and particularly in relation to our bodies and what we do with them. On the 15 October, we welcome as our guest Dr Paul Faulkner from the University of Sheffield, a runner and a philosopher.

Hit the Wall
Hit the Wall

How do you know what you are doing? Here is one answer: I know I am raising my arm because this is what I am trying to do (and trying is all I need to do to raise my arm). The philosophical view behind this answer is the standard view of our knowledge of our own actions. This view, Paul will argue, is threatened by cases of effort. By ‘effort’ is meant cases of action where all one needs to do something is to try to do that thing, but where trying is hard. To argue this, and to explore the implications of effort for self-knowledge, Paul will focus on running, and specifically what goes on in running a race. A related paper can be downloaded here, and you can watch a talk from Paul on this topic below.

We begin as usual in the Cafe Bar at the Gate at 8.00pm. Paul will also be giving a talk at Cardiff University the following day as a guest of the Department of Philosophy. More details here.

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