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Last year’s series of The Future for Wales events at CPC culminated in November 2013 with a discussion of the nature of money and its role in creating scarcity. This month we examine the idea of a ‘resource-based economy‘, in which all goods and services are produced and allocated without the use of money, credit, or barter. The use of debt as an organisational principle for economic relations is seen as enforcing servitude. The bottom line of such a proposal is that resources become the common heritage of all people, rather than the property of those who happen to have the power (economic or otherwise) to acquire them.

Would such an economy help us solve the problems we collectively face, or would it create new ones?

Ruffstylz AM (Dan Lloyd) explores the key concepts behind this idea and leads the discussion.

This Cafe will take place on 15 April. As usual, we’re in the Cafe Bar at The Gate from 8.00pm

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