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Cardiff Philosophy Cafe returns this month after a summer break with a new approach. As well as featuring sessions led by researchers on philosophical and social-scientific topics, we will also be featuring more sessions focusing on topics submitted and chosen by audience members, beginning this month on, as usual the 3rd Tuesday, which is September 16. During the session, which will take place as usual in the Cafe Bar at The Gate, up to five topics, questions or problems will be presented for the audience to choose between. The topic which garners the highest number of votes will be the subject of the evening’s discussion.

Anyone can submit a topic, question or problem for consideration. To do so, please use either Facebook or blog ┬ácomments facilities below. This allows others to see which topics have been suggested thus far. Questions or problems – rather than broad topics such as ‘relativism’ or ‘mind’ – work best as suggestions. Why not give it a try? We look forward to seeing you at 8.00 pm on the 16th.

UPDATE: the topic for this session will be ‘Who owns my genetic information?’

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