Welsh Assembly
Welsh Assembly (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this month’s Cafe, we examine Cardiff – capital of Wales, seat of the Welsh Assembly – through the lens of its economic and political history. How did Cardiff become Cardiff? In this Cafe, Robert Croydon invites us to consider this question and reflects on the role of political and economic power, and especially patronage, in shaping the city in the relatively short span of time since its meteoric rise from a village by the Taff to a wealthy port city. What sort of bargains are involved in patronage? Is it compatible with democracy? When does patronage become paternalism and patronisation? Where is power concentrated now and what are the implications for Cardiff’s future?

We begin at 8.00pm next Tuesday evening, 21 October, in the Cafe Bar at the Gate as usual.

Robert blogs at R. H. Croydon

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