Cyclist Léon Georget in 1909.
Cyclist Léon Georget in 1909. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is there a philosophy of cycling? When one tries to bring philosophy to cycling, one soon realizes that cycling is hard to pin down. Which aspect of cycling is meant? Racing, commuting, touring, mountain biking, family, leisure, town planning, environmental considerations, social structures, the fact that it is not motoring, states of physical exhilaration?

Although we have one word, ‘cycling’ in actual fact encompasses an extremely large number of ways of life and forms of being. This in itself is philosophically interesting, suggesting that if cycling is any one thing, it is perhaps first and foremost a set of questions that asks us to reflect on identity and the commitments we make in life. In tonight’s Philosophy Café, Clive Cazeaux, Professor of Aesthetics at Cardiff School of Art and Design, explores the questioning-character of cycling, and shows how it draws upon recent developments in the philosophies of embodiment and technology.

Join us in the Cafe Bar at The Gate at 8.00pm on 16 June.

Bike Week 2015

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