Hapkido holds many throwing techniques in comm...
Hapkido practitioners. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The “martial arts”, as an inclusive umbrella term, provide a wide variety of styles and systems from around the world that have a diversity of human movement and training methods that can heal or even harm student-practitioners. Despite their popularity in contemporary societies, the essence of many martial arts as potential lifelong, sustainable and health-giving or curative practices has yet to be considered from a philosophical and a social scientific perspective.

In this cafe, George Jennings (Cardiff Met) delves into case studies from research on the martial arts of China and Mexico by examining the philosophical concept of self-cultivation from a sociological angle. The aim is to stimulate debate and specialist discussion on those martial arts that strive towards self-cultivation through progressive, long-term practice over decades in order to achieve and to maintain mental, physical and social wellbeing beyond the absence of illness – echoing the well-known World Health Organisation definition of health itself.

We start at 8.00pm in the Gate on 20 February 2017.


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