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Made in Roath 2017

Community is back! After almost four decades of neo-liberalism and hyper individualism the cost seems to be all around us, at work, in the street, in the lack of care that politicians seem to manifest in their handling of our lives and our safety. From the Grenfell disaster, in almost every aspect of our lives, this lack of care and respect for others seems to call for the return of community to our lives.

But what does this heavily loaded word mean? Politicians evoke it, sociologists deride it, nationalists long for it, people cling to it in unstable times; estate agents tout it.  Solution, panacea,  ‘feel good’ word, community functions in all these roles depending on who is talking and who is listening.

Can we move beyond that simple response to ask what community is?  Want do we want from communing? How can we build it, enhance it, maintain it? Has it really got any meaning beyond serving to pacify, sedate and reassure? What might a political approach based on community look like?

Join us to discuss these and other questions at this special Cafe event as part of the Made in Roath community arts festival at The Gate from 8.00 pm on Tuesday 17 October.


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